Built in 1998.

It is a 12-storied office building with total area of more than 32 thousand m2 comprising a block of conference-halls, secondary office and two elevators including 2 panoramic ones.

The Ministry of Finance is one of the first big projects of VL company but at present time the building hosts three ministries: the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Economics and the Investment Agency.

The choice of unusual architectural solution was not accidental. The unit of construction is situated in a complicated urban area. From one hand our project was aimed to support the space of lined esplanade of the presidential palace, from the other hand it should have fitted harmoniously into the plainness of functioning streets. These were the factors having led the author to utilization of dynamics of the curved lines.

The Ministry of Finance is a first administrative building of such level in the city of Astana. The building was built from zero ground, not just reconstructed that made it possible to implement the architectural ideas and solutions.

The building materials from world’s largest manufacturers were used for the construction so there is no doubt that the object meets all safety requirements. The project of the Ministry of Finance construction was developed in accordance with the main trend of our activity and with consideration of all needs and demands of contemporary businessman. This is why the building offers maximum comfort and its offices and corridors are lacking the atmosphere of rigid formality so common to state institutions. It isin the building of the Ministry of Finance where the first air system of heating and cooling has been implied in Astana.

At the moment the Ministry of Finance is not just the executive office building but one of the sightseeing sites of Astana. The original architectural solution leaves no one indifferent. This building harmonically fits into the new image of the capital; it has become one of the attractions of Astana. The unusual and complicated façade attracts by its shape. For its resemblance with American dollar symbol people call the building “dollar” which is quite symbolic, considering that it is right here where the main financial and economic ministries of Kazakhstan are working. Since our architectural design has got a warm approval from the people it can be concluded that the project had not only been successfully implemented but had an emotional resonance from the residents and visitors of our city.

The development of the young Republic of Kazakhstan, an active development of the city has been reflected in the facades of the Ministry of Finance. This building attracts by its expressive dynamic shape and is associated with the blowing flag of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

In 1999 the construction of the building combining original architectural design with the unique technical solutions was finalized with our close participation in it.


architects: V.Laptev, V.Gladkih
designers: А. Kudryavzev, G. Sultanov
engineers: В. Pozdnyakov, А. Belovich