The VL LPP Architecture Engineering Company carries out its professional activity in architecture and urban planning area. The company is focused on designing of apartment houses and socially important public buildings.

Such principles of design as purposefulness, moderateness in the choice of technique, space logics of interrelation between the parts and the whole, position cues for shape perception are considered to be the main components of the company image.

During 19 years of professional activity of the company in Astana cityover 16 projects of residential developments and 10 projects of civil construction was implemented. The building of the Ministry of Finance, Kazakhstan Sport palace, the Astana Municipality building (Kenesary str.), Asia Business Center, Severnaya Korona, Otyrar, Sary-Arka, Arman, Stolichny and others. In 2009 the company finalized the construction of the 10 000-seat Skating Rink with the total area of 41670, 5 m2, having the great significance for the Republic.

The employees of the engineeringcompany are high professionals capable to deal with any architectural challenges. There is a model workshop within the company. The staff mutual efforts create the necessary prerequisites for competent constructive and architecturally creative solutions of the designing volume resulted in rich and diverse visual image of the city environment.

The company has been awarded with:

  • The Golden Diploma of international architectural festival "Architecture 2001", Moscow.
  • The Diploma and "ALTYN SHYRAK" ARCHITECTURAL BEAU MONDE 2001, Astana.
  • The 1 grade Diploma for the best construction object of 2000, Astana.
  • The Diplomas of the International Architecture Academy of Kazakhstan Architect's Union.
  • The Diplomas of the Republican Architecture Academy of Kazakhstan Architect's Union.