built in 2007.

Asia Business Center, situated near the Ministry of Agriculture, is now considered to be one of the most glamorous business centers of Astana.

The original architectural shape grants to the importance of the building status along with the developed infrastructure of the old center. Architectural solutions are implemented in harmonious combination of elliptical vertical part and rectangular basement of the building. It is distinguished by its impressiveness and precision. A solid vertical volume provides general slenderness of the silhouette whereas its elliptic shape emphasizes the elegance of its lines. Horizontal mass endows the composition with solidness and impressiveness. The panoramic method of glazing facade gives an impression of single wholesome construction. The coloring solutions are made to match the style of the municipality building.

Asia Business Center is designed to be an elegant extension to the building of the Ministry of Agriculture adding to its harmonious value and forming an impressive architectural ensemble.


architects: V.Laptev, E. Zhuravleva
designers: А. Panchenko, Е. Еsengeldina
engineers: V. Pozdnyakov